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The Glassware Products listed below comes in many types with different size (ml), dimensions (Radius x Height), etc.
Example : We have 76 types of Beakers of different size and dimension. Get in Touch for more details.


Borosil brand Beakers are widely used in research, industry and education.


Borosil provides a wide range of lab glass ware for scientific and industrial use. It’s thermal resistant and
flame proof.


When you use a burette you expect accuracy, reliability and durability. Only Borosil brand burettes offer
all three even after repeated usage.


Condensers are offered to meet the wide usage of condensers in laboratories for distillation or reflux


BOROSIL® brand Cones are used for determination of small amount of suspended matter in sewage by
the Imhoff Sedimentation Method.


Measuring cylinders serve simultaneously to receive and measure different amounts of liquids.


Borosil Brand Desiccator bodies and covers are designed for strength and utility.


Borosil Brand Dishes are for varied needs - crystallizing, evaporating, drying, storing and petri dishes for
culture, assay and micro-biological work.

Distilling Apparatus

Distillation units to cover most of the needs of the average laboratory can be built from standard
BOROSIL® components.

Drying Trays

Distillation units to cover most of the needs of the average laboratory can be built from standard
BOROSIL® components.

Extraction Apparatus

Liquid Solid Extraction involves the elution of a solid sample with pure solvent vapour.


All laboratories must be equipped with flasks of different types. We offer a wide range of flasks, boiling,
culture, distilling, erlenmeyer, filtering, iodine and kjeldahl

Flasks Volmetric

Volumetric flasks are built with customers requirements in mind. They conform to tight capacity tolerances
and assure accurate reproducible results.


Funnels may be used to separate solids from liquids, liquids from liquids and occasionally for pouring
something into a container.PTFE and BOROFLO stopcocks and interchangeable solid glass stoppers.

Gas Generators

It is a rapid inexpensive and effective apparatus to produce controllable amount of common gases such
as hydrogen sulphide, carbon dioxide, etc.

Ground Joints

For those who fabricate and assemble their own apparatus, we offer BOROSIL® Brand Ground Glass
Conical Joints.we offer BOROSIL® Brand Ground Glass Conical Joints


BOROSIL® Brand glass jars serve a variety of applications in Education and Research.


BOROSIL® brand resin reaction kettles are designed for organic reactions involving viscous materials.


BOROSIL® brand pipettes are manufactured from specially selected machine-drawn borosilicate
accurate bore glass tubing.

Sintered Ware

TECHNICAL DATA Borosil Brand sintered glassware is used for the filtration of liquids and gases in the
laboratory.It incorporates a porous glass disc as a filter media, which is non corrosive and reusable.


Stopcocks are available for both general purpose and high vacuum work. We now offer a bigger range to
serve you better.


BOROSIL® brand stoppers are made to precision standards with uniform taper control and surface finish.


Adapters listed here are the most widely used ones and will permit a laboratory to assemble.


Blood sugar, Digestion and Centrifuge - We offer an assortment of centrifuge tubes and Folin-Wu Tubes.

Tubes Test & Culture

Test tubes and culture tubes are made from machine drawn, uniform thickness, low expansion
borosilicate glass tubing.


Borosil Fused Silica 99.95% SiO2 surpasses all of the desirable chemical and weathering durability
properties usually associated with opaque Silica ware.

Watch Glasses

These Watch glasses possess high chemical durability thus preventing contamination of solution.


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